Sponsor Express

Sponsor Express is a monthly Email service that provides the company owner/sponsor with information such as plan assets, employee participation levels, deferral amounts, matching and/or profit-sharing amounts and the most subscribed to funds among participants. Year-to-date deferrals and matching and/or profit-sharing accumulated amounts are also included.

It is not only the right of every plan sponsor to gain access to this information, it is increasing their responsibility as well.

A special link to the Plan Sponsor Web is included in the Email. The Plan Sponsor Web enables plan sponsors to directly access, on an inquiry basis, the database of their plan. Virtually any information that a sponsor may desire to obtain can be accessed through this valuable website feature.

The conference call link conveniently allows the sponsor to schedule a conference call with a Slavic representative or administrative staff member concerning any topic or issue that may arise. A PEO representative can also be included in this call.

You have two options to subscribe:

After your subscription is submitted, it will be verified and approved by our New Plans Department.
When this is complete, you will receive an email confirming your Plan Sponsor Web enrollment.